Trail in Woods


We are asking all participants to contribute in some way, large or small. By filling out our Tell Us About Your Contribution to Mythaca Fest form you can suggest an activity you want to do as a volunteer, or apply to get paid as a professional musician, artist or workshop leader, or apply to be a vendor. If you have multiple ways you want to contribute, fill out this form as many times as needed.


In addition to filling out the form, you can contact our various coordinators directly. We'll update this list as things develop.

Are you a dance leader or leader-in-training, & want to lead one or more dances at our gathering? Please contact Azad at

Are you a DJ and want to DJ an ecstatic dance or other dance session at our gathering? Please contact Neko at

Workshops you'd like to offer? Workshops you'd especially like to take or see offered? Please contact Neko at

Able to help with children's camp? Please contact Neko at