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Dances of Universal Peace

The Dances of Universal Peace are simple dances set to the music we create with our own voices inspired by all of the world’s religious traditions. By singing and praying in the spirit of the many spiritual traditions of the world we can help bring healing to the cultural divisions that have been for centuries driving our world to war in the name of “religion.” The Dances of Universal Peace are a spiritual practice that brings us in touch with our sacred selves in an environment that allows us to honor the sacredness in each other. When we dance face to face, we are not just dancing with the person in front of us, but also with the divine spirit that is manifested through that person.

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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is barefoot dance movement, where we let our inner children play, move, or be in stillness. There are no specific performers or audience, there is just us moving however we want to move. It is an invitation to listen within. This kind of dance doesn't require any prior experience, or memorizing any footsteps, or being particularly athletic. Anyone can do it! We discourage conversations on the dance floor to encourage listening within and following how your heart longs to dance, play, and explore. Some folks like to dance with others, and some stick to themselves. We support you doing whatever feels most alive for you, and if you are wanting to step out of a dance, or not engage with someone in a dance, bowing with prayer hands means "Thank you, I am done dancing with you now", or "No thank you I do not want to dance with you."



  * Dreeemy * HuDost *    Høly River * Travis Knapp 

 * Karlee Crow * Malika Salazar *

 *Prismism + friends * Brett Linehan*

  * DJ Nataraj * Stardust * DevOcean *

                   ...and more...


Healing Arts

Our Healing Arts tent will feature many kinds of healing arts including Reiki, Shiatsu, and Thai massage. 

Social Healing Workshops

In addition to dance, art, energy healing, vocal awakening, creative writing, and yoga workshops, we are planning some gender specific workshops for men, women, non-binary folks, members of the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC community. We take the idea of 'healing' beyond healing individuals, but also healing social divisions as well, and are interested in creating a safe and inclusive space. 


Lunarina Temple

Lunarina Temple is a sanctuary for womxn to gather and journey through the stories of their cycles to claim the power of their womanhood. We curated a selection of workshops encompassing physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual needs. Our mission is to help womxn to live in sync with the natural rhythms of their bodies, their communities and the planet. We gather together to help each other to connect deeply to our hearts, our wombs and the wisdom they hold. Traditionally this has been done in circles. Moon circles, Red Tents, song circles, dance circles...women have been circling for thousands of years, sharing, creating, connecting and empowering each other. In Lunarina Temple, we will explore kundalini yoga designed specifically for women,  womb reiki and womb massage, flower mandala creation, tantric embodiment techniques, pelvic floor exercises, shamanic journeys, voice activations, hormonal health education, cycle charting and much more. Come to be witnessed, celebrated and empowered to carry your light into the world. Heart-to-heart, womb-to womb, we are building a more compassionate world. 


H-I-M Space

Healing Inspired Masculine

H-I-M tent... will be a healing, connection, personal growth, and education space specific to those who identify, wholly or in part, as Men Him/He/His

Whether you identify as a Cis, Straight, or Queer man, or you identify as Transmasculine, Two Spirit, if you are Gender Fluid, or Questioning your gender identity,.....
WELCOME! .....this will be tended as a safe space for healing and creative expression for all facets of masculine identity.

Join us throughout Mythaca for scheduled and popup workshops and Men’s Circles with skilled facilitators.
And come anytime to gather and utilize this space throughout your 4day stay to give receive and to share arts, skills, knowledge, and empowerment. H-I-M will also be an anytime creative space for “men” to spark conversations and to enrich connections, for general physical/emotional/mental/ spiritual support, for masculine empowerment, for masculine accountability as we heal from the negative effects of toxic masculinity and toxic patriarchy together, to learn more about male sexuality, to grow in emotional intelligence, to receive feedback and perspective about life situations, to learn about boundaries and consentuality, for meditation, yoga, and for all ways we can support bettering our lives and relationships.

If you are interested in leading a workshop, or offering an art or skill share to heal, uplift, and empower the healthy masculine, ....or if you’d like to contribute in any way to our Mythaca Men’s Space this year please contact Tree directly at: treetiphereth@gmail


The Beyond Artist Collective is bringing their artwork to  this event, including Sparky the Giant Rideable Unicorn! And some of our workshops will focus on creativity and art-making. 


Meals Together

Lunch and dinner will be served by Captain Kale, a renowned camp chef, and all meals will be vegetarian with vegan & gluten-free options. We source only organic, local and non-gmo foods.

For covid safety we will enjoy our meals together outdoors. 


Campfires & Nature Activities

Arnot Forest provides many opportunities for hiking, enjoying nature, and gathering together around a campfire.


Mythaca Kids-Camp

An inclusive space for kids and teens to explore music, dance, art nature, mindfulness, social justice and more! Each day, activities will be tailored to campers who are present. Whether they are less than a year or 15 years old, we will have something for everyone. Kids-Camp will be offered at the following times: Thursday 3:00-5:00p, Friday & Saturday 8:00-10:30a & 12:00-2:30p, & Sunday 8:00-10:30a. Teens older than 15 are welcome to come and support the Kids-Camp activities, please reach out for more details.